Let’s hear from the new recruit

A Q&A with James Burgess, Business Development Manager.

After a hugely enjoyable and active career break, I re-entered the world of work to continue my journey in Business Development. Having worked in the Industrial Automation sector for the majority of my working life, putting together IT solutions for anyone from food manufacturers to defence companies, I took quite a side step into the security sector and joined Control Group.

Whilst I felt that my technology understanding and business development experience would hold me in good stead to succeed, I was naturally anxious about a totally new sector and a market that I thought I knew very little about. The surprises that met me in the first few weeks of my time here are the drivers for this post. Here’s a reflection on my first few weeks…

What is it like to be a new employee at Control Group?

We’ve all experienced a ropey start to a company – where your phone doesn’t work, your laptop isn’t ready yet and you end up sitting next to someone who really doesn’t want you looking over their shoulder for the week. Whilst I won’t be posting pictures of a new MacBook or some fancy business cards sat neatly on my new desk, the induction to the business has been second to none. I had a phone that worked, a laptop that was set up and waiting for me and some exciting customers visits pre-planned to get me in front of our customers (the best way of learning in my opinion).

What is the company culture like?

We’ve all witnessed the Sales/Operations and even a Marketing divide and very rarely are they aligned. Every operations or installations head I spoke to within the business had an underlying urge to grow the business and support the sales function with a very customer-orientated focus. I’ve only been here a few days and I’ve been photographed for the website and I’m waiting for some ‘hot off the press’ brochures with my name on them to take to new client meetings.

What have I learned about Control Group?

I’ve learned that Control Group has developed from a CCTV system provider to AV installation to basically being seen as a sole source supplier of technology systems (we are even an internet service provider). As a DJ in my spare time,  I discovered actually knew a lot about the audio visual element of what we do, and I love the gym so the access control and security services we provide our fitness clients felt familiar as well. Most systems sit on a network and all roads lead back to a server room so I knew more than I thought I did (phew)!

How does Control Group stand out in the market place?

After immersing myself in Control Group’s sectors and solutions, I discovered how fitness franchise customers utilise virtual fitness studio classes to revolutionise their customer experience, and how our trampoline park customers differentiate themselves with augmented reality climbing (so cool)! 

I’ve learned that it’s not the technology that differentiates the client, but the people behind that technology offering ongoing support that matters. As a person who hates being passed from pillar to post when you call someone for support, it’s a really refreshing attitude that Control Group really do “own it”.

How Control Group makes a difference…

We’d all like a job where we can make a real difference. Some of the security systems I've seen are not only innovative and exciting to talk about, but they keep people and premises safe. You’d be surprised at the level of detail CCTV can go into these days! I know that with Control Group, we truly do make a difference to our customers.

I'm still the new guy in the office asking a whole host of questions… but I can’t wait to get out and about!

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