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Laura Lamptey

HR Officer

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Megan Clarke joined Control Group in May 2017 as a HR Apprentice, undertaking a Business Administration Apprenticeship via Apprenticeship Connect.

Megan had never worked in an office environment previously to joining Control Group. Her previous experience was childcare-based, having worked for a childcare provider after completing her GCSEs in 2014.

Following a short-stint travelling in Thailand, Megan decided to take up the challenge of a full-time nine-to-five job alongside the completion of her apprenticeship qualification. Since joining Control Group, Megan has demonstrated her hardworking and committed approach to her apprenticeship –whizzing through the tasks required of her, much to the delight of her tutor. 

Megan approached the assignments with level-headed maturity and professionalism, seeking support and assistance only once she had exerted all other options. Megan’s determination was absolute, but occasionally disguised by her consistently calm and cheerful demeanour. 

Leading up to the completion of her Business Administration Apprenticeship, Megan started to focus on what she could do next. During her time working for Control Group she had decided that her interests lay with HR, rather than general admin, therefore her intention was to continue down this path. 

Megan along with Laura Lamptey, our Human Resources Officer, identified a suitable course available through Macclesfield College which would provide a perfect basis for her formal HR training – the Level 3 Foundation Certificate in Human Resources Practice. 

We are so proud of the success achieved by Megan during her relatively short time with Control Group, and we’re confident that she will continue to develop her HR career throughout the next 12-months and beyond. 

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